Digital Learning in Kenya with Smart Edoo

Since the Corona episode hit the country, there has been an interest in taking classroom learning to a digital format to keep the students studying as they continue to remain at home.

Schools have taken multiple approaches from using WhatsApp to send the materials to the students to using webinar software such as Zoom and Google Teams among the popular software adopted. However, some schools have taken it a step further to build online and digital learning platforms for their pupils to keep learning.

SmartEdooX has taken up the gap for the schools that lack the capacity to develop their own platforms to be able to keep their students learning despite the prevailing situation. The platform has multiple delivery channels for the learning materials. Employing the use of short and informative lessons and notes included. A Smart Quiz is included after the notes to test the student’s understanding of the lesson.

The learning material follows the Kenyan Curriculum using the Competency Based Curriculum for Pre-Primary One to Grade 4 as well as the 8-4-4 system from Class 5 to Class 8. Working in collaboration with teachers and schools to ensure the quality of the information uploaded on to the platform.

To take advantage of this platform, register on and get started with learning. Parents can monitor the progress of the students as they learn. For the lower grades, we encourage parents to go through the material with the children and help them as they study

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