How Far We Have Come!

I was raised in the rural areas of Trans-Nzoia County and to be specific in a tiny village called Hututu where there was no electricity or running water. I attended a rural primary school and during my time in school computers and the internet were unheard of. Most kids if not all including myself had never laid eyes on a basic computer or even known what internet was or how it operated or what it even did. Basic education demanded physical class appearance by the learners and the teachers, doing and submitting homework physically and most importantly physically attending school for exams failure of which had dire consequences. This now begs the question, what if the COVID-19 had struck then? Did it mean that everything would have stood still and most especially the education sector? Taking into consideration those day mobile phones were for the selected few and even then, most phones did not have internet features. It therefor meant that learners would have stayed home and done very little as they waited, hoped and prayed that the situation normalizes so that they can resume learning.

But now times and things have changed, globalization has brought about positive changes, the internet is virtually everywhere, computers are now pretty popular and other things like tablets and internet enabled phones are now within reach for the majority of Kenyans. This has in turn made learning easier. I have been blessed to see young men and women build e-learning websites and applications and one of the most efficient e-learning platform I have come across is the Smart Edoo digital platform which is in the form of a web application and an android mobile app. The platform is based on the 8-4-4 curriculum and caters for pre- primary and primary education. It is easy to use, the learning materials in there are well detained and well-tailored to suit every learner’s needs based on whichever level they are and above all it is affordable. Further, at the end of every lesson learners are subjected to self-assessment smart quiz, smart test, smart task and also smart mocks for the upper classes and also the platform provides for mid term and end of term exams. This is a platform worthy of investing into for the good of the learners and the parents. It is a gift to learners and parents during this difficult COVID-19 pandemic times.

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