How to Keep Children Learning at Home

Although technology evolution now allows many things, the shift to e-learning has not been as smooth as we anticipated and the challenges may be discouraging for teachers, parents and students. Here are tips to help keep kids learning from home.


In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, institutions have been forced to pivot their teaching online to allow learning to continue. This has posed as a challenge for teachers handling large numbers of students especially since they’re being asked to teach online courses for the first time. Teachers are finding it hard to organize their work process, manage time and keep track of their students’ progress. They are trying to keep up with virtual teaching, virtual department meetings, parent emails, their own personal lives and the Coronavirus pandemic. The real challenge, however, is providing effective distance learning with meaningful activities to keep students focused on their learning goals and performance objectives. To solve this, teachers could make part of the lesson content into videos that students can watch at their own pace. Time spent online can then be used for creative, interactive and problem-solving tasks.


With classes closed and kids at home, parents are wondering how do we make this work? If you’re asking yourself that question you’re certainly not alone. Some of the challenges parents come across include; balancing work from home while ensuring their children keep learning, balancing household responsibilities and keeping their children focused on schoolwork while ensuring they have fun.
The solution for this is establishing a routine that factors in age-appropriate educational programs, play time and time for reading. Parents should also stay in touch with the school to stay informed.


Adjusting to online learning can be difficult. While some children appear to have managed the transition relatively seamlessly, others are searching for motivation after schools closed and it remains unclear when face to face classes will resume. While social distancing is vital, staying in touch with friends is equally important. Children should be given a chance to connect with peers during their breaks using technology options that support virtual connections like facetime. This will help them maintain connections and boost their mood for effective learning.
Parents and teachers should stay in constant communication and find the best way for their children to learn from home.

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