Online Learning Methods

Options to consider when choosing an online learning platform.

Online education is an endless, all-you-can-eat buffet. We now have plenty of online courses that let us pursue anything we want from the comfort of our homes. Today all you need is an internet connection and you have a ton of new opportunities to improve yourself.
Below are some helpful tips in choosing an online learning platform.

Online conferencing options
An example of this is zoom or skype.
Web conferencing features include MP4 recording of meetings, personal meeting ID, private and group chat and a virtual white board. Webinars mimic the traditional lectures where the lecturer can lecture, share a presentation and students can virtually participate.

Lead Management Systems
LMS functions as an online classroom where teachers can hold discussions, upload readings, show videos and play audio, make announcements, assess and grade students’ work, instant messages, online quizzes, and an online calendar.

Tech savviness of the program
When participating online, the quality of the video, audio, graphics and design are the key to student retention. The platform needs to be designed and implemented to reflect a simple browsing experience.

Design of the platform
A Good online learning platform will continue to find new ways to keep students engaged with out-of-the-box thinking.

Budget considerations
One of the biggest challenges to any training program is budget. For you to be able to make an informed decision, you need to figure out what you need, be it quality, assessment tools, offline reading, easy to use interface or interactive elements. Knowing what features you want not only saves you time but eliminates the risk of making wrong and costly decisions.

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