Schools in Kenya Shut to January 2021 – Magoha announces

On ******yesterdays date******** The Cabinet Secretary for Education in Kenya, George Magoha, announced that the long awaited dates for re-opening of primary schools as well as secondary schools will be in January 2021. This was met by dismay and anger especially among BOM and private school teachers who have been suffering during this period. e-learning for kids

The effect of this pandemic has been heavy on private school teachers and it looks as if their woes are set to continue for another six months as they are left high and dry by the government as they are left without a livelihood or a source of income from the government. According to CS Magoha, the flattening of the curve is the most important aspect the ministry will be considering in the reopening of schools.

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There was some good news for Universities and Colleges as they were allowed to reopen under strict guidelines from the Ministry of Health with inspections of the premises and their preparedness in dealing with the current health challenges. e-learning for kids

This brings into question what this means for three groups of people affected by this announcement, mainly teachers, students and parents. Will the government come to the aid of the suffering teachers during the upcoming months. Will the students keep learning with the current Zoom classes if they are set to repeat the class the coming year, and are parents willing to pay for the Zoom classes if the repeat of the year is imminent? e-learning

Time will tell what happens after this announcement. However, at Smart Edoo learning material is available for self paced study from PrePrimary One to Class 8 for the students with the continued closure of schools. The platform is available for kshs 150 per month. If you’re interested in signing up join at

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