Use of smartphones to study in Kenya

It is a long overdue debate in the international arena on how positively smartphones may be beneficial to learners. Kenya is a developing nation and the use of new technologies cannot simply be rated on level ground with the already developed nations. The major setback in the use of mobile phones for teaching and learning is the problem of inequality in the economic platform among Kenyans.

The potential of mobile phones as a means to raise education standards in Kenya is certainly under exploited. Mobile technology offers a wide range of possibilities to enrich educational content and invent new forms of leaning. Successful mobile learning experiences reveal a couple of benefits including: easier access to course content, ability to get more information about the topics studied, improved quality of work and audio & video bring learning to life. When a user reads a page from a search engine, certain areas including language, reading, memory & vision, decision making and complex reasoning are activated.With the new generation born with smartphones, students will become more active and accustomed to these technologies. Start your digital transformation with Smart Edoo

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